Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Because I Promised & You Won't Believe This

 I promised you some pictures, and by golly, I'm going to add them (though many of you have already seen them on facebook *cough cough*). 

Anyway - I'm at a loss for how big my children are getting.  Bryton is doing EVERYTHING.  I can't even explain.  We've gone to having real conversations with him.  He gets stuff, ya know?  It's a whole new world for us. 

And Ansley - is walking everywhere.  It is her primary mode of transportation, and has been for about a month.  Along with that, she's saying 'mama', 'dada', and 'bubba' - all at inappropriate times - and 'uh-oh' at all of the right times ;)  Either way, I'm counting them all as words.  {For my sanity, of course.}

 And you won't guess what happened yesterday morning.  Go ahead.  Guess.  I'll wait.

 We got a phone call saying we'd won the bid on the house. 
 I know!  Right!?  God astounds me sometimes.  We had more hope in our last too bids, that they'd be enough... impress enough... fully relying on them, ya know?  And lost out.

 This time, we had no hope in our bid (don't believe me? read my last post...) and it was lower than any of the other two... and we won the bidding.  Ah-mazing.  (Kind of like the backyard I told you about.)
 So there's a whole lot of rigmarole and hoops to jump through now, as it's a HUD home, so that should be all consuming in the next 45 days that it takes to close.  Not to mention the fact that the house needs a little bit of cosmetic work (think paint and carpet), which I'm sure I'll be documenting on here.  
 Phew - unreal.  But lovely.  And nerve racking.  And exciting.  And scary.  Phew.  Phew. 
 So that's the new news on our front.  Oh, and for more news, guess who hasn't run recently, or at all?  I'm going soon, I promise, I'll blog when I do it, so hold me to it! :)
Until next time!


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