Thursday, February 9, 2012

Blah, and other musings

Where have I been?

I can tell you where I've not been... on the computer.  Well, not to blog anyway.

You ever think holidays are planned the way they are for a reason?

So there's Christmas (conveniently placed after my first born's date of birth).

Then you have less than two months and there's Valentine's day.

Two weeks later is my second born's date of birth.

Then Easter. 

Then, one would assume you can breathe. 

But no.

Because then is mother's day...

And father's day...

And fourth of July...

and then our anniversary...

the husband's birthday...

and one. full. month. of. nothing.

And halloween.

And it all starts again. 

Whew.  I'm tired just thinking about it. 

So when you ask what I've been doing, I say: working, cleaning, feeding, zumba'ing', planning Valentine's day, vacations, dental appointments, first birthday parties, birthday festivities, pictures, reading, making (and completing) to-do lists, going to church, viewing homes, crunching numbers, etc, etc, etc, etc. 

You know what else I haven't been doing (ahem, besides blogging faithfully)?  Running or writing. 

I have not given up... I just have to schedule better. 

And that's currently what I'm working on.  The schedule.  But I think I may have to run week one again.  Zumba almost slaughtered me the other night. 


Know what's frustrating?  It's frustrating putting a bid in on the third house since we've moved and having a pretty good clue that you're not going to get it.  (Even though the bid is $12,000 over the asking price.  $12,000, folks.) 

You know what's frustrating?  Having an almost one year old and a house that's not baby proofed.  Finding out that listing prices on homes mean nothing.  Realizing that more than $7,000 of that $12,000 over the asking price would go straight as realtor fees (not as if we will get it anyway).  Not having all of your stuff out... for 6 months... with children.  Half of your clothing.  Half of your pots and pans (and of course, not the ones you really need), half of your dishes... half, half, half. 

Don't get me wrong, I am thankful.  Very.  God has provided us a place to be at the perfect price until He's prepared to place us somewhere.  And I know it's in His timing.  My heart just aches and yearns to be settled, and each time we feel the 'go ahead' to place a bid, I find myself becoming emotionally attached to the home. 

Like this home... it has an ah-mazing backyard.  Ah-mazing.  Large.  Fenced.  Iron-fenced on the back, opening to a greenbelt.  A view of the fountain and the pond, a walking trail behind.  Like I said... ah-mazing.  Best. yard. yet. 

But I've got the scissors out and ready to cut the strings that attach me. 

And I keep stalking wondering when the day will come. 

Always praying for His will -

Don't wanna jump the gun, or be somewhere besides where He wants us. 

There's the blah...

How about some pictures soon?  Of the kiddos?  Next post, I promise. 

Until then...


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