Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's Surreal... and Good

I can't believe I'm almost 14 weeks pregnant already!  It seems this pregnancy is flying by compared to my first one!  I'm trying to savor every special minute of it, sick or not, because, unless God has other plans, I'd imagine this will be our last pregnancy. 
So Saturday marks 14 weeks.  I'm finally officially out of the first trimester.  I'll breathe my big sigh of relief when I see that ultrasound again (in like 4 or 5 weeks!  crazy, right? may be that soon when I know boy or girl!), and even a bigger sigh of relief after I count 10 little fingers and 10 little toes sometime in March.  Ehh, who am I kidding, I may never breathe a sigh of relief again after baby number 2 ;)  I don't know that I ever have with baby number 1!  We're wired to show concern for them. 
Anyway, I could completely be hallucinating, but twice now I've felt little flutters in my belly.  Lower than what I was used to feeling with Bryton, but if these are indeed the baby moving, it would be about 3 weeks prior to my feeling anything with B, so lower would make sense I suppose.  Maybe this time I know what I'm 'feeling' for?  Who knows?  Maybe I'm just crazy.
On a not baby note (not completely anyway), I've been busy going through closets since I've been home from Texas.  I've cleaned out all of Bryton's drawers and his closet to see what actually still 'really' fits him, see what I need to pack away for awhile (or a long while if this baby to be is a boy), and moving all of my 'yep, probably not wearing that again for awhile' clothes to the back rod of our closet while inserting all of the maternity clothes Amber so graciously let me borrow!  (Huge blessing by the way.)  I figure with the weather changing (thank you, Jesus), most of my 'skinny tees' are probably gone for 8 months or so (let's be serious, probably gone until the next summer.  Who am I kidding, baby number 2 due in mid March, skinny tops made for June - August, probably not going to happen). 
One way or another, I'm excited about getting my fall stuff in my closet and I've done inventory of all of the 'fall stuff' in B's closet.  This is my first year really buying 'out of season' for him, so I was surprised how much we have in the way of fall clothes for B, all of which were bought literally for pennies on the dollar!  Not to mention the fact that the 18-24 month jeans I bought for him last year (hey, he was a chunk at one point, just not at chunky as I thought he was ;), he couldn't wear last year because they were too big, and well, are still a little too big around the waist this year.  He's slimmed and gotten taller!  Either way, I feel like I'm getting two seasons out of the same jeans, which is awesome, I shouldn't have to buy many, if any, jeans for him this year!
Fall is a fun and busy time for us, so I'll be sure to keep you posted on our fun stuff, on my couponing of course (Christmas is coming up and I still have probably a third of my gifts to buy), and all of the festivities (Halloween, B's birthday, Thanksgiving, my birthday, Christmas... pregnancy :) 
Anyway, that's all the rambling for now!  I'll keep you posted on more as it comes!

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