Monday, September 20, 2010

Doctor Appt This Morning

Just a short blog to update on pregnancy related items.
I'm currently 15 weeks, 2 days pregnant.  I have my next doctor's appointment on October 19th.  I'm stoked because that is the gender reveal day ;)  Is it boy or is it girl?  If you are on facebook with  me be prepared for a poll to be taken.  I want to see what everyone thinks this time around! 
As far as the appointment went, it was basically an ordinary prenatal appointment.  I've gained two pounds so far this pregnancy, which I'm happy with.  My blood pressure is good = 100/60, and baby's heartbeat (after searching forever for it, I was beginning to get nervous until Dr. Tsung said it's normal to have to search around for it this early on) was in the 150's.  Use that if you must on choosing your gender selection later on ;)
And the kicker, apparently I have low platelets again.  The conversation with the nurse went like this:
Nurse:  Alicia, your platelet levels have gone back up now, they are looking better.
Me:  (Confused)  From the last time?  (Meaning the last time I was pregnant, I thought we were comparing prenatal bloodwork with Bryton to prenatal bloodwork with this one.)
Nurse:  Yes, they are back up over 100,000 now.
Me:  Okay.  (still confused)
After I got off of the phone I realized that she was comparing my prenatals (taken at about 12 weeks) with the bloodwork I had done at about 6 1/2 weeks (which was done because I'd been bleeding a little.)  If I'm putting the puzzle pieces together appropriately, it appears that my platelets were very low at the first bloodwork and had gone back up at the 2nd set.
What's that mean?  Basically that I have (are you ready for this) thrombocytopenia, or, pregnancy induced low platelets.  It's good news because it now verifies that I was not preeclamptic with Bryton, but not great news because I will now battle platelet levels back and forth this pregnancy, which only really effects something when it comes time for an epidural.  (Pray for 100,000 platelets this time at the time of delivery!!!)  If my platelets go under 100,000 then an epidural is deemed 'risky' as my blood doesn't clot properly.
I'm going to ask more questions about this again next appointment.  I'm hoping since we are seeing this now being a pattern with me that I won't have to go in for bloodwork 137 times like I did last time.  (okay, it wasn't that many, but seriously it was at least 40 from two weeks prior to delivery to the time I got out of the hospital.  Call me a pin cushion.)
So anyway, that's the update.  In one month we'll know offspring number 2's gender, and hopefully have good news about his / her development as well.
I'll keep you posted as we are posted ;)

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