Monday, August 27, 2012

Minor Ramblings

I've got Cinnamon Cider and Pumpkin Roll burning upstairs in my Scentsy warmers.  My children are sleeping peacefully in their beds.  Outside, it's sunny, with just a few hanging cumulous clouds.  It's that perfect 'tricky weather'.  It could be 100 degrees outside (which it probably is), but it could be 60.  You just can't tell by the looks of it.

On my pinterest account, I've been salivating over some fall attire, fall decor, fall recipes.  You know it, everything fall.  I walked into my closet today and found my Du Quoin Indian football jersey.  Guess I need to find one for our school district here.  Football is football in Texas.  Huge stadiums, even in high schools, larger crowds than I've ever seen (yes, even in Du Quoin), bands that are 5 times the size I'm used to seeing, harder hits, and a real supercharged atmosphere.  Yet - there's something about the metal bleachers and the crackly speaker back home.

Either way - a college football game is on our radar sometime this year.  That should really refocus my football watching eyes.  Even the ticket prices to college football games in Texas - well, to put it nicely, rival those of the Rams.  Not that that is saying much.

My in-service teaching days start this week, and I'm stoked.  It's another sign of fall, and I feel like it's a crossroads in my life.  This same level of excitement comes over me every time I teach, whether it be my precious 'early 2's' that I'm gaining, or middle school Lit and Language Arts.  It really has me heavily considering alternative certification here in Texas.  The Lord says 'do not fear', and I'm praying that He'd cast out the fears in me that accompany such a dream, and that He would then replace it with peace.

Speaking of school and Pre-K, B starts next week.  In technicality, so does Ansley, but she is, though at the same school as B and I, and in an educational program, more in a 'mother's day out' type of program.  At least that's what I'm telling myself so that I can grieve the growth of one of my babies and not two.  Needless to say, they'll both get their pictures taken next Tuesday morning with their little backpacks and lunchboxes.  (How did this happen?!)

B starts t-ball practice tomorrow.  (Wah!) He is now the proud (and I do mean proud) owner of cleats, baseball pants (the smallest size we can find that we have to roll once and are still huge on him), and equally size inappropriate red baseball socks.  His team - if you have not already guessed it, will be the Red Sox.  No Cardinals, but at least it's not the Rangers either.  I may have had to withdraw him ;)  And yes, I confess, I did reprimand my son for saying, "Go Rangers" the last time they were on tv.  My husband glared at me.  I can't help it.  It's in my blood.  

And can I just confess to you?  I'm planning my Christmas trees (yes, plural... anyone who knows me well knows that Christmas trees is always plural).  Two downstairs, one upstairs and one in each of the kids rooms.  (And maybe one in ours?) It will happen, I tell you, and as of now, I have burlap and blue in my sights, though not on the same tree.  I love Christmas, love it so dearly my heart just may grow three sizes upon thinking of it.

I think that's it for today's randomness.  I've told myself I'm going to start in with some pictures again, and so I will, but bear with me, it's been a busy crazy ride over the past two weeks!  The next pictures you may see may be t-ball games and pre-k starts :/  Oh boy howdy... time is flying!

Until next time -

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