Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Holding Our Breath

I've fallen of the proverbial planet when it comes to blogging.  I'm sure there are a lot of reasons... busyness, working, but I've found that I've been waiting for our tides to change just a little bit before continuing on... if only for your own good.  Is it possible I had been radiating some blog negativity?  I think so.  It needed to stop.

So how about a little catch up (not to be confused with 'ketchup', which my oldest child eats on his chicken and fries, ahem.)  Since I've written last we've looked at (as in, actually had showings) five other houses.  One was a no go from the get go.  Another was a no go pretty quickly.  The other three were all contenders. 

When I laid down on the fresh carpet in the master bedroom, darling husband figured he may want to consider this one more heavily.  I later was reprimanded for climbing into the garden tub.  (Fully clothed, of course.)  And so the offer was placed. 

I've learned at this point in the house hunting game not to even get my hopes up. 

So the offer was placed, the lone offer at that point in the game.

Then we found there was another offer, so we tweaked ours just slightly to make it more competitive (since we'd left a little wiggle room for negotiation, which we now realized, there would be none.  If the other offer was better, they'd take it with no words exchanged.)

Then other offers came in.  So the bank came back at all of us (yes, friends, another foreclosure, but not a HUD home) and told us to bring our 'best and highest'. 

I was ready to go up another $1000 (or two), but after some time to sit on it (read: stir and worry about it), our discussion concluded with hubs' feeling like we needed to remain solid where we were. 

Now, let me just say, I've grown a lot in the past six months or so.  I'm realizing that God's got this whole thing figured out better than I do.  He knows our needs and our desires and our circumstances better than I do.  He's directing this ship, and my life (and my families lives) will be much easier (but not necessarily easier, ya know what I'm saying?) if we just get on board with wherever He's going. 

And since God has put the hubs as the head of this vessel (under the authority of Christ, mind you), rather than argue with him (or as I'd like to say, "persuasively lay out the facts"), I said, "ok."  (Although I was secretly praying that when we'd lost the house it'd be by more than what I was comfortable offering, so it wouldn't have mattered anyway.)  I was trying to bring myself to grips with the fact that, though I'd nested on the floor of the master bedroom, this was obviously not the house He had prepared for us anyway. 

Then two days later the call came saying we'd won the bid. 


And so there is the catch up... we are currently in, yet, another contract on a different house.  The inspection happens Friday, and though I'm excited about the possibilities, I'm still praying God slams the door if this isn't what is best prepared for us. 

Otherwise life is going as normal.  Getting out a lot and doing things with the kiddos... and enjoying every minute of it.  Thoroughly glad there are opportunities for them here.  Even if it's just a playdate at the library and McDonalds!

Until next time (preferably sooner than last, with good news!)

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