Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's a Cheery Random Post

'Cheery' has not actually been the adjective I would use to describe myself lately.  In fact, it'd be a better venture to say I've been a little down, a little discouraged, with all of our house plans falling into small minuscule pieces in front of us.  It's a reminder to me that 'happiness' is so circumstantial.  It's a great thing we don't rely on it... it'd fail us every time. 

Like yesterday, I had to have myself a little cry.  Okay, maybe I had that little cry twice.  It was much needed.  Getting all the 'ick' out of me through the means of salty tears, and it felt good, friends. 

And you know - the sun came with the morning.  Okay, so not exactly literally, but spiritually. 

B was running through the house this morning being his wonderful three year old self.  He lifts my heart.  Sure, he has his moments.  Afterall, he is three, but for the most part his presence is such a sweet addition to my day.  This morning I was really experiencing the 'these are the greatest days of my life' moments.  You know, the ones people tell you to cherish because they grow up too fast, and move out, and get jobs, and here you sit. 

Right now he sits right across from me, having begged me to watch Ice Age this morning.  What's a little movie gonna hurt?  His precious face makes my heart melt. 

I'm so blessed.  Blessed to have two precious, healthy babies.  Blessed to have a roof over our heads, even if it isn't ours.  Blessed with a husband who loves the Lord, and me.  Blessed with two vehicles, great friends, both of our parents alive and well. 

I've even noticed things we always take for granted.  A momma from Indiana just lost both of her legs protecting her kids through a tornado, and though I'm sure she is immensely grateful to be alive to be with her kids, it makes me realize how lucky I am to be able to run with B, to chase Ansley around, to get down on the floor and tickle my kids.  Thank you, Jesus, for legs... today. 

And can I tell you something else I'm thankful for?  This wonderfully quaint little coffee shop / bookstore in a neighboring town that is quiet, has a great little seating area, and has books stacked so high that they have the little rolling ladder to get to them.  Heaven, I tell you.  Heaven.  And it smells like books.  I have a fetish, friends.  Don't get me wrong, I love my Kindle, but there's nothing quite like a fresh book in your hands (except maybe a baby, but that's a different topic that we've already covered).  I see myself frequenting this little shop. 

Honestly, I'm not sure how something so quaint and quiet stays open in this day and age... but it makes me wonderfully happy.  So peaceful and wonderful. 

So there's my little bit of cheery random today.  A much needed change for how I have felt.


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  1. So glad today holds cheer for you. Much needed I know!