Sunday, January 22, 2012

Return of the Nemesis

Once upon the time there was a girl, not me, of course, another girl, who due to embarrassment would appreciate remaining anonymous.  Anyway.  This girl was courting a dear boy who enjoyed riding bicycles, so, since she'd hocked hers for a few extra dollars years prior, he took her bicycle shopping and bought her a new shiny two wheeled traveling machine.  He packed the 'his and her' traveling machines into the back of the trusty pick-up and we, ah, I mean they, set out on their first ride. 

Now it happened to be a right windy day in the beginning of March and just as our anonymous girl was riding to climb one small, but devilishly steep, hill, her pedals went 'round and 'round, her legs pumped faster and faster, and that there bicycle contraption, well, it didn't even budge, didn't move as much as two inches up that hill.  It was much like those cartoons on the tele box, where the little critter is walking forward yet somehow moving backwards, going just as hard as he may. 


Defeated, she moved the bicycle slowly to the edge of the road and dejectedly asked the dear boy to fetch the pick up before she died.  Moments later he arrived, lugged the bicycle contraption into the bed of the truck and helped the girl into the cab.  She couldn't walk or breathe the rest of the day.

Did I mention in the story that the crazy girl now aspires to run a half marathon?  Did I also mention that North Texas was flat out windy today, and that girl, well her little legs were pushing about as hard as they could, pumping off that concrete, leaves hitting her right smack in the face?  'Cause that's how it was.  I swear the wind was just 'a laughin'.  Hoopin', really, remembering the days before when it did indeed defeat said girl. 

But not today friends.  With every heave of her chest for oxygen, every concrete step taken, she finished that run today, and then gracefully collapsed on her couch after her five minute cool down walk, where her muscles and ligaments and other anatomical things turned to rubber bands... very tight rubber bands that make it difficult to straighten my legs. 

Why did I do this again? 

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