Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's a Good Thing I've Decided to Train for Training

My mantra on running has always been that if I'm not being chased, or at the very least a ball or purpose involved, you may as well forget it.  I'll be honest; I loathe running.  I don't know, there's something about my heart feeling like it's going to burst out of my chest, getting dizzy and having to heave for air that just isn't appealing to me.  (Good thing I decided to make running one of my tangible goals, huh?)

So - I think you all can assume that I've done little in the running department in my life.  Thus, I decided rather than jump right into the training that gets me in shape and running a half marathon in twenty weeks, maybe I should make myself, at least somewhat, a runner going into it.  I decided to do the couch to 5k program to ease my body into this new transition.

So last night I went and ran day two of week one and the entire time I'm thinking to myself, "Ok, running, Alicia?  Really!?"  But I told myself, "One day closer to my first goal.  Finishing today allows me to continue tomorrow," and I kept on running.  I felt a little bit like Forrest Gump.

While training for the training, I'm doing some preparing for the training as well.  A new friend of mine let me borrow a book that has some good pointers in it, I've chatted up a couple people who have accomplished such a feat, and I'm beginning to get a good idea of things I need to do to prepare myself (ahem, besides running, that is). 

The first thing requires buying a pair of good running shoes.  It was during this revelation that I realized how unprepared and ignorant I really am. 

Apparently you can expect to spend around $100 (or more) on 'good running shoes', which do, of course, come from an actual running store, where they do, indeed, 'fit your foot', which, apparently, consists of more than trying a shoe on, taking three steps and saying, "Yep, these fit." 

Like I said, I have a lot to learn, so it's a good thing I'm running right now to get my body ready to run.  I'll need some time to save some money for the shoes and make the commitment that comes with owning $100 running shoes, meant for, well, running. 

So I'm stocking up on ibuprofen, purchasing some 'running clothes' here and there, and thinking about a medal hanging around my neck at the end of this thing, a half year from now... oh geesh, what have I got myself into?



  1. I have had a similar goal since Teague turned one. However, mine is to complete two races. I don't really care how long, just two before he turns two. I also LOATHE running, but I keep trying.

    As to the running shoes, they are expensive, which is why I haven't bought mine yet. However, some friends have told me that it is really only the first pair that will cost you so much. After you are "fit" you keep the box and search out the internet for the same shoes when you need new ones. I have heard you generally can find them significantly cheaper.

    Keep us updated as to how it goes, and keep faith in knowing that an overly fat woman is doing a similar thing along with you and will be cheering you along from a far.

  2. i like running a lot, but i am pretty sure i can't do it right now since i wasn't doing it pre-baby. i prefer it over aerobics!! justin likes to run and i'd eventually like to run something with him, so that's my running goal.