Monday, December 6, 2010

Mom Dilemma: Haircuts

I'm jonesing to get my haircut.  Again.  In fact, I don't know that there's is a time where I'm not jonesing to do something with my hair... but I may treat myself to a hair overhaul for my birthday this year.  Except maybe not an extreme hair overhaul.

Why?  Two reasons.

1.)  It's difficult for me to find it within me to cut my hair short short (because if you say it twice it means something different) during the winter because I like to wear sock hats, and if a girl puts on a sock hat with short hair, she looks like a boy, and that's not the look I'm going for.  (And this year I'd be a big pregnant boy :)

 2.)  There's some kind of stigma associated with 'new' or almost 'new' moms and short hair.  For instance, when I got my haircut right after I had Bryton ( I went from this:

to this:
in about 6 weeks postpartum.)  all people talked about was how I'd went and got a mom haircut.  Grrr.  Apparently a mom haircut is a haircut that makes for a shorter amount of 'prep' work, in other words, it's easy.  Well let me go ahead and tell you, this mom haircut was NOT easy.  In fact, it took a whole lot more work than my previous straight, don't do anything with it haircut.

(By the way- you ever think maybe the reason new moms get their haircuts are because they are finally feeling like women again and not places of occupancy?  I could finally fit in old clothes again!  And the new haircut was a way to spiff it up.  I was trying to look nice, not take the easy route! Yeesh!)

So I'll be honest, I was stranded between two choices.  Just letting my hair continue to grow and putting lots of layers in it, or doing a short stacked bob similar to this one:

And knowing me and my hair fixing skills, and that people will say once again that I was going for a 'mom' haircut (does that look like a mom haircut to you?  I didn't think so... but maybe the tatoo helps. Hmm.)  Anyway, and knowing that this will be the time in my life I want to wear a sock hat for some reason, I guess I'll go with the lots of layers haircut this holiday season, and see what happens with it...

Then we'll see what happens in April :) You can count on color!

*edit:  Wow, I didn't realize that I didn't have bangs when I had Bryton.  Crazy considering I had bangs on the road... when did I let them grow back out??? Hmmm. 

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  1. Blog hopped here from Sarah's blog (I'm a friend of Jen H.) I wanted to cyber-hug your neck when I read your blurb on Mom hair. I hear ya! I hate it that whenever you get a shorter do people always slap the Mom-hair label on you. When I was aiming for was spiffy, because praise the Lord that near 10 months of playing apartment complex is over and I don't weigh 9 million pounds anymore. ;) I'm kind of in an in between with my hair too. I had a bob over the summer, now it's growing out and I can't decide if I want to cut it short again (lest I be mocked by anti-mom-hair-anonymous members) or go through the agony of growing it out...Oh! The decisions.

    Congrats on your pregnancy! I just gave birth to #2 six weeks ago (I have a 23 months old), and it's been quite an adventure. ;)

    Sorry for the novel length comment!