Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Can't Concentrate...

Little things overwhelm me or steal my concentration.  I was really hoping to get blogging every day or every other again, but interestingly, Bryton has not napped (a mother's nightmare) for three days straight now.  He does not cry, and he even stays in his crib for two hours (I'm not exaggerating), but he does not sleep.  He jumps on his bed, he sings, he talks, he makes noises with his mouth, etc. etc. etc.  And the fear that this is a new trend keeps me from accomplishing much of ANYTHING. 
It's true, I cherish the afternoon free with a child sleeping.  I cherish the time to destress and get stuff done.  AND, I worry because I know two (according to our pediatrician and about every website dedicated to baby / toddler health) is way to early to give up a nap.  (Not to mention the fact that I'm already thinking about what March will be like with no big brother napping.) 
Grr... so, the mission for the rest of the week... get this nap schedule back on... somehow... I'm going to have to make him run laps before nap time... and maybe not let him sleep so late... come back nap, come back!

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  1. My son just gave up his morning nap, I cried a little when it happened. And do you think both kids will sleep at the same time? Heavens no. They're on a rotation. So basically my eyelids are taped open.

    That wasn't very encouraging, now was it? :) Ah well, it's not all that bad....