Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Quick Frugal Party Planning Blog

Alright - let's sum it all up now (since the party is tomorrow!)

Food:  Chose a very inexpensive main course (be sure I'll post pictures and recipes if all of this stuff 'turns out', yes, you read that right, the sandwiches I'm fixing for 40+ people tomorrow have never been tried in this household... yikes!), have great mother / mother in law who are each preparing a side dish, got individual packages of chips for 50% off on the halloween sale, bought the cake / icing when they were on sale in the months prior, as well as the cookie mix, and not doing the fruit now (see why in the treatbags later).

Decor:  Went with a Dr. Seuss theme, bought a few Dr. Seuss printed items and coupled that with solids at our local $1.00 store.  Also bought all cups, plastic utensils, and tableware there.  Printed kids coloring sheets off of the internet (cost of paper and the ink).  Showing "Horton Hears a Who" which was free with swagbuck amazon gift cards (only $5 anyway through amazon), and it serves as a gift for Bryton too!   Also, forgot this one, using the Kohl's cares plush animals ($5 a piece, I bought 2, my mom bought 2, and books, 2 and 2 again) as decor on tables.  Bryton gets to keep these as well.  Not to mention all of the other Dr. Seuss books that we already own (I literally bought some when I was like 18 on a huge lot on ebay because I wanted them for my kids later on!)

Treatbags:  I used brown paper sacks, put a Dr. Seuss sticker on them, and wrote each child's name on their bag.  With such a large age difference I had to do the 'baby bags' differently.  Itty babies got a boardbook (sets of 2 at the dollar store for $1), bigger babies got a board book and a jar of food for their age, big kids got two suckers (halloween candy 50% off sale ;), an apple, a tiny box of raisins (10 for 10 for the bags of 15 little boxes at our Kroger this week), and a thing of bubbles (.50 for 6 containers on the clearance rack at Wal-Mart).  The theme for the Treatbags:  All of Bryton's favorite things.  I wanted to put things in the bag that he really liked to share with his friends!

Gift:  This is one I haven't talked about yet.  Here is where swagbucks comes in again... you guys have heard me talk about it.   Aaron and I decided in about August that we wanted to get B a tricycle, a real tricycle with pedals and all, for his birthday this year.  We found the one we liked on Amazon, and I started saving swagbucks.  Within about 6 weeks I'd saved the $50 or so in Amazon gift cards needed to buy him that tric ;)  He also is getting all of the previously mentioned books, dvd's, plush animals, etc.  PLUS, I ordered him Dr. Seuss' birthday book for his guests to sign :)  Should be fun!

Check back for pictures soon!


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