Monday, November 23, 2009

The Start of a New Blog

My dad had a friend who died when a tree fell on him, literally. The man was in a forest and a tree fell on him. I didn't know that really happened outside of a poor attempt to get laughs during a really bad movie.
I had always heard the 'brain-teaser', "If a tree falls in the woods and there is no one around to hear it, was there any sound?" I hated that brain-teaser. Of course there was sound. How narcissistic are we, really, that we believe that sound doesn't exist apart from our hearing it?
What if a deaf man saw the tree fall and felt the vibrations of what was, indeed, sound? Was there sound? Of course there was, and the deaf man would probably agree, although he himself had not heard it.
I've recently been inspired to start a daily blog. (Yes, daily, hang with me, I'm going to make this work!) I need a place to air and vent stories and ideas of life, love, faith and frustration. As I began thinking about this particular blog, and praying about and pondering a name for it, I thought about this saying. The idea of the tree falling and no one hearing it is my analogy for writing and no one reading it. As much as I hate that saying, I understand how it can apply to my life. Writing is how I share my life and thoughts with the world. In arguments, I'd prefer write than talk. I do well getting my ideas and thoughts gathered and presented properly while writing, where I tend to ramble while talking. But writing without a reader, for me, is pointless. I want to know when I've been disagreed with or when someone completely concurs. I want to know if I'm alone in my thoughts or if my thoughts ever spur those thoughts of someone else. I want to share my life through writing!
So this is my feeble attempt to grow a reader following. I don't want to be that tree that falls and and is not heard. Thanks for joining me for what will be the first post of many many to come!

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