Monday, December 17, 2012

In Light of the Tragedy...

My mind and heart have been broken over the recent tragedy in Connecticut.  It's sad I must say 'recent', as it seems like in the day and time we live within it's just a matter of time before a similar tragedy takes us all by storm and surprise.  That in itself is enough to overwhelm my soul with grief.  This time, specifically, has shattered my heart into tiny pieces.  For the lives of innocent children, unable to protect themselves, to be taken so hastily... so violently, quite frankly, well, it brings tears to my eyes and angers me.  What a coward this man was, can't even pick on someone his own size and then he takes his own life.  The cheap way out.  As I said.  I'm angry.  

I'm angry that surviving children will forever live with the events that happened that day.  I'm angry that first responders will never... never... be able to erase the images from their memories.  I'm angry that mothers and fathers got robbed of recitals, graduations, weddings... and in some cases, grandbabies.  These children had their entire lives ahead of them.  

In light of the recent event, and the anger, sadness, and utter grief I've felt, and the tears that I've wept for these children and these families, please proceed knowing that I, in no way, am trying to downplay what happened in Connecticut.  It is this Holy anger for righteousness, and our responsibility to protect our children, our own, and those of others, that has brought me here, to this place.  

As the tragedy continues to unfold before us we begin to see things from all angles.  

Just yesterday I saw on facebook people praising the first responders.  "Make sure you appreciate the police force," it screams.  And they're right. 

I saw another post about teachers.  How when you drop your kids into their care, they become 'their kids', kids they'd give their very lives for.  So when you drop your kids off and hug them good-bye, hug their teachers, too, for loving them well.  And it's right.

Then there is gun control.  I've heard, "Guns don't shoot people, people shoot people."  I've heard, "More gun control!  Make it harder to buy guns!"  I've heard, "If only the principal could conceal and carry!"  And, ironically enough, I've heard people talking about how wrong it is to talk about gun control right now.  

But I'm here to propose a completely different angle.  It fears me that my comparison may very well get me stoned, but I'm prepared for that.  

It's amazing to me how appalled our nation becomes over the death of 20 children in the safety of a school building, when every day 1,000's of children are killed within the safety of their mother's wombs... yet we don't blink an eye.  (One site says 9 abortions every FOUR minutes.  Yet we haven't seen that on the news...)

We don't yell for justice. 
We don't have vigils. 
We don't have prayer meetings. 
We don't arrest the doctors or storm into their offices prepared to take them out.

No, we pass laws making it the mother's choice.  

Cowards.  Folks, I'm angry.  I'm angry that the lives of 20 innocent children, with their entire lives ahead of them, have been stolen from them, and I'm equally as angry that thousands of children, who lived less life than these 20 had the opportunity, were robbed from theirs as well.  Yet, the President has never spoken on behalf of one of those children.  

And I'm not a circumstantial abortionist.  Raped?  I don't care, put the baby up for adoption.  Not his/her fault.  Mother's health at risk?  This one kills me.  Ask any mom if she'd take a bullet for one of her children and she'll answer "yes" before you're done asking.  If teachers can die for children who aren't theirs... I'm just saying.  

Maybe I seem cold-hearted, or dare I say narrow-minded, but if we're going to call murder 'murder', then let's do it appropriately.  

Again - I'm with everyone else, watching the news, weeping, praying and grieving about the lives that should not have been lost.  I just pray that as we take action against the murdering of children and adults, that it overflows into the places where it is deemed acceptable today.  Seems like a good place to start...

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  1. Girl, PREACH. My FIL, who I do not consider to be a Godly man, has even said this very same thing. It's okay to kill babies in their mothers womb, but unacceptable to kill them in a class room. Tell me, if even a calloused heart sees this, WHAT is wrong with the Church? What is wrong with people? You are right on track with your thinking, and I'm ashamed more Christians haven't said anything.

    I find it so interesting how pious people become during tragedy. I've heard "this is not the time or the place to talk about xyz..." more times this weekend, and it really just irks me.

    Tragedy or not, people need to keep talking about the issues at hand. Keeping quiet didn't work out so well for the Jews in Europe. They said "It'll never be us..." right up until the time there was a knock on their door.