Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Favorite Room of the House

Okay - so it's time for some big reveal.  (Think maybe I'm hyping this up in my head some?  That's alright, I'm sure I am.)  I'm not sure why, because I really am loving several rooms in my home, but I think the reason that Bryton's stands so clearly out to me right now is because it has been a work in progress in my head for a very, very long time, and what has come together in his room, is actually what was in my head.  (Can I be very honest, from a writer's perspective, about how rarely that really happens?  I mean, let's be honest.)  So where all of the other rooms in the house (yes, literally, all) still need something here and there, his is only missing a small handful of things.  Small enough that I thought you'd get the idea of it all without them, so without further adiu - here's my toddler boy's little / big boy room.

Let me first remind you what it looked like to begin with.  The house was freshly painted an off white color.  Clean, but a little institutional like.  Bryton had his choice of which of the two rooms he wanted upstairs, this was the one he chose.  His room has a little zig when you walk in (Ansley's closet jets here into his room some), so I wasn't surprised that this 'character' drew him in.  

If you could see me taking this picture from the picture above, I'd be in the left corner, he has a window there.  These double doors are his closet. 

This would be the view from the doorway, like the first one above!  He has one striped yellow / white wall with the rest of the walls gray (which happens to be the same gray that is on all four walls of our bedroom!)  I wanted bright and fun for his room, with some little boy nostalgia.  (I'm feeling that word today, apparently!) 

This is the little zig I talked about when going through his doorway.  We've used this wall to hang Bryton's guitar.  Good for several reasons:  1.) Makes totally cute decor.  2.)  It's just high enough that he gets it when I want him to, under my conditions ;) 

I love that he has plenty of room for his stuff and he can still have the toys he loves kept out and set up. Notice the geo-trax train set (that I believe every little boy will love.)  

Under his bed we have set up a little fold out couch with some stuffed animals.  Sometimes he reads under here, sometimes he plays, but it's one of the things I'd talked about that isn't 'done' yet.  He will eventually have a curtain going across and white lights around the inside for a cool little tent area.  

This is the view from the second picture above, basically.  We've added a little bit of wall decor:  a piece done as a mission project by the kids in his Wednesday night 'small group', the letter B, and the collage I made for him of the words, scriptures etc. for when he was born.  Then he has a dresser, and his Easter bucket down next to it (which was too cute not to use as storage in the room!)

The prerequisites for his bed was that I didn't want everything all matchy matchy, and I didn't want something he could outgrow totally quick, so the bed was an awesome find from Ikea.  It's not the super high loft bed (I can still reach over it to give him a kiss good night), but it's off the ground enough it makes for play room underneath.  The comforter is from Ikea as well (it's actually a duvet cover, if I'm being specific), and it's just some random, green drawn animals.  I bought him some super cute toy story sheets (you can see Woody in his pillow) that actually match it better that I would have expected (you know, the not matchy matchy kind of match), and of course he sleeps with his Mickey, his Cardinal Fredbird pillow, and on this particular day, George, whom he received from Gaga.  

Also - this awesome 'pocket chart' (if you want to call it that - all I have are the teacher words for it) from Ikea is great for him to put books in to look at during his quiet time!  

This little shelving unit is AWESOME.  The tubs pull all the way out for when he's playing with something specific, you can indicate what size tubs and where you want them, and it's super sturdy!  Best of all, even with all of their toys, these tubs aren't even full yet!  Woot woot! 

I just love the little details of his room.  You can see this guy hanging above the storage piece above in one of the photos.  This is another toy he gets on a permission basis (poor guy just can't understand not to point it at someone), but every little boy needs a pop gun hung on his wall!  I still think he needs something like this to go with it! 

I also love that so many of his family and friends are represented in random places in his room.  Grandma Sandy and Papa Gary got him his Fredbird pillow.  Papa Bruce got him his pop gun. 

Gaga Marilyn got him his George.  And together they gifted him the geo-trax train.  In the corner above is his dancing Mickey from our dear friends Adam and Amber and his friend Reagan. 

This little fella was mine, made for me by a friend of my dads when I was little bitty.  It's even written on underneath.  The details of this little semi-truck are amazing, the back can even dump a load and the trailer of the truck detaches from the truck itself.  Bryton loves it now.  A great thing for me to pass on!

This little construction backhoe toy (you can see how up I am on the lingo) is a hand me down from our great friends the Files, and I believe he received this elephant from VBS last year.   (And yes, it is still blown up and still a part of his room.) 

It all works together as to why I love it so much.  

 Every little detail, conducive to little boy (ahem, and little tomgirl) fun!  

Besides the curtain and lights under the bed, I have a few more pictures of he and Ansley that will go on a wall of their 'superhero' pictures, with a little sign that says, "Sometimes, being a big brother is even better than being a superhero."  

Love it.  

More to come!

Until next time - 

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