Saturday, May 5, 2012

A little bit of sanity

Let's all just breathe - shall we?  That seems to be a constant reminder for me at this point.  One breath at a time, one day at a time... oh - and can I mention that we still don't even have a closing date on our home? Because we don't.  Not - even - a - date.

And our extension we signed was good through next Friday.  Everything has to be done by Tuesday for us to even have a chance to close by then.

To say the timing is... inconvenient... is an understatement.  Granted - and this is what I keep reminding myself - it could be worse... much, much worse, but at this point it could be June before we get moved due to timing and scheduling conflicts.  June, folks.

May I mention that tonight was supposed to be our first night in said house?  May I also mention that the pool was opened in our community yesterday... and it's been mid-nineties here?  Just sayin'.

So I'm doing my best here... hanging tight.  Kinda.

Anyway --- that was all to fill you in.  Let's talk about something else... shall we?

It'll get my mind off of things.  Again, kinda.

So tell me --- do you all have that 'collect all' spot?  The place where all the junk gathers?  You know, keys, mail, stray guitar picks?  Oh wait, that last one may just be our house... anyway... I'm tired of it.  I like everything to have a place, and to be honest, I'm tired of cleaning it all up.  And so I decided I needed a work space... some organization... and here was my first addition:

The dear husband purchased this roll top desk for me... a place to store my computer, work on my book (hello weighing on my shoulders... ugh) make out the bills, etc.

It has tons of cool storage and should really prove as a place for me to be able to run the household (and maybe relax and retreat a little?).

Don't mind the Scentsy box under the desk... it's one of many that has been packed (only to sit).  I'm lucky my 'new to me' desk isn't covered...

And the other day - the hubs brought home flowers.  Free flowers (even better!), and they've been hanging out on our dining room table.  The color makes me happy... a little bit of happiness hanging out is always appreciated.

Anyway - hopefully better news next time...

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