Saturday, December 31, 2011


It's been a long time, I've let myself slack, and you know, it's a good thing.

Life has been so hectic, like, over the top hectic, that I'd been keeping up with my blogging, but more begrudgingly than I would want, like it was something I had to do, rather than something I wanted to do, so I'm going to remain to keep up with it again, but not at the sake of my sanity.

I'm not sure why things have been so hectic, but it seems like from the moment I started packing up our house in Illinois, they have never slowed down. 

It was moving stuff, or switching stuff over, or unpacking, or trying to get settled, or getting new insurance / license plates / etc, it was starting to prepare for Christmas, it was Bryton in swim lessons, a death in the family and an unexpected trip home, then lots and lots of Christmas responsibilities (that, to be honest, were more of a hassle than enjoyable this year)... everything has just felt hurried, and impossible to keep up with. 

I've been tired... and that is putting it lightly. 

So - that's partially the reason I've been gone for so long...

The other reason - I got a Kindle Fire for my birthday, and from then on (we're talking two weeks time, here, folks), I've read Water for Elephants, Twilight (half way through it the second time now), New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, and a book called The Red Suit Diaries.  I guess I've buried myself in some fiction - and it's felt nice.  A good escape.  (Not to mention I'd always been anti - Twilight, but I'll admit - I'm a 'Twi-hard' now, according to a friend of mine ;)

So anyway - now it's NYE and I'm on a quest for some goals for the New Year.  I'll get those to you as soon as I figure them out myself...


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  1. Hello long lost bloggy friend! Been thinking of you this week for some reason. You're missed in your little corner of the web.
    Is Water for Elephants good? I've been on a reading kick here lately, and need some good recommendations!
    Hope all is well with you and yours!