Saturday, January 23, 2010

January and Serotonin

I'm submitting a theory that people in the midwest gain weight, suffer signs of depression, and find themselves to be forgetful during the winter months. It has to be so, and if you ask me, the sun is at fault.
Yep, you heard me. The sun. Anyone who knows me knows my theory. I love the fall, so Thanksgiving Day it can start getting "cold", and it can proceed to be cold until January 2nd. (I struggled a long time between January 2nd and December 26th, and I may even be leaning more towards December 26th.) On that day it should immediately return to at least 75 degrees and sunny 14 out of every 15 days.
You see, serotonin likes light. Serotonin is also the chemical in our bodies that controls our mood, our appetite, muscle contractions, sleep, and cognitive functions like learning and memory. Since there is a much smaller amount of sunlight, there is a much smaller amount of serotonin. Thus, there is no wonder we find it harder to concentrate, more difficult to have healthy sleep patterns, eat the right foods, and just be in a good mood. I don't know about you, but my moods suck this time of the year. I find myself grouchy, and it tends to be hard for me to get out of the 'funk' once I'm in it.
Granted, this year I have things to look forward to nearing the summer months, but it doesn't make fighting the darkness any easier.
So I'm an advocate for serotonin... I'm cheering mine on to come out of hiding ;)

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