Sunday, January 10, 2010

And so the funding begins

Well, as most of you now know, the plan (which is always molding, changing, etc) for the year of 2010 is two fold. First, finish the basement. A bigger feat than we once thought, it does still seem as though it will be possible and able to be financed and paid off within the next, say, 3 years maximum. In fact, the way it currently stands (of course, this is liquid and ever changing and evolving), is that we are going to have the waterproofing finished, try to have it paid off by August (this will be a huge feat for us), so that we can continue with the rest of the finish work to have it paid off by mid 2012. (Hopefully after a tax return comes in. Hopefully our tax situation is corrected by then. Don't know what I'm talking about, well, message me on FB or something when you have time. It's a doozie.) So anyway, the plan is by Jan 1, 2011 to have a comfortable, usable, wonderful finished basement to live in and play in.
Along with this plan of course is the sub-plan, or the other part of the "deal", as we have so lovingly called it. Hopefully, or, as the plan currently sits, beginning summer 2010 we may be 'working' on Gregg family member number 4, hopefully to be welcomed lovingly into our family sometime in 2011. If I could choose, I'd hope for May or June 2011, but as long as we're all healthy and lively, I will never be one to complain.
So there you have it ladies and gentleman, two very large goals for the next year, or two, of our lives.
Now, with very large goals comes big plans and some sacrifice. We're saving every extra dime to pay that basement off as soon as possible. (Which we've not even officially started yet.) I finally sat down this year and budgeted out our finances to the closest possible penny to see where we stood. The good news, I actually have a peace that we can "make it" every month, AND, I find it challenging and rewarding to stay within my "budget" every month for groceries, etc. It's almost like a game. Sadly, it's only January 9th, and I'm ashamed to see how much of our money will ill accounted for up until this budgeting went into place. So far so good (as if 9 days shows much) on the budget, even with extra expenditures coming out. It's tighter now than usual, but I know it'll pay off in the long run, and once this basement is paid off, I'll be able to see what can actually go in our savings monthly, instead of unnecessarily going to Wal-Mart instead. (Which I don't shop at near as often anymore... seems I save more on groceries at Kroger.)
So, all of that said to get here... it's January 9th, I substitute teach, and I'm looking for income, most specifically for the summer, but for now would be fine too. The stipulation, one week off in the summer for church camp. Which, if I achieve what my plan is (hence, my plan, which never seems to work out) then I'd be working 3 or so days a week somewhere over the summer OR babysitting four or 5 days a week in my home, so it wouldn't be horribly hard to get that time off. If I could start that now, and sub on the days that I didn't work, I would certainly entertain that. I do love that Bryton sees Miss Tara, and behaves there, and would love to keep him with her, at least a day a week or so over the summer, so we'll see how it all works out.
So anyway, there's the plan, Stan. Anyone have any summer employment ideas? Would love to hear! I'm always open for suggestions ;)
On another note, currently planning the girl's retreat for this year. I'm trying to make it equally as appealing, but completely different from last years. In fact, I'm going to attempt to do that as many years consecutively as I can, so that the same girls don't have many of the same experiences on retreat. I believe, again, this is ever changing, that this year's theme is pointing towards "Godliness: Integrity and Character as Imitators of Christ". We'll see how that comes along.
So that is the news in the Gregg household. No offense, but as excited as I am about the upcoming events in our house, and filling you in on them as they unfold, I feel like many of my lasts posts were updates. Seems the creative tank has been dry lately. I can feel the juices churning though, so keep checking back. It shouldn't be long.
Until next time -

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