Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Magical Trip of a Lifetime - Day 5

Day 5 started with 'princessing up' our little princess and decking out our little prince. Our park for the day was Epcot again, this time to travel the world showcase, and we were starting in Norway at Askershus for a royal Princess breakfast.

The first picture is foggy, because I had to yank my lens cap off quickly when the kids started dancing immediately upon stepping out of the hotel room. I just had to capture the cuteness. Luckily, we ended up with a better backdrop then the orange hotel room door. 

The Epcot Ball - Spaceship Earth. Again, breakfast before the park opens can make for some magical memories. The kids danced and we snapped 100 pictures AND got ridiculously cute video.

Look at the toe. We are in so much trouble.

I can't get over the ball. I just love it. Aside form the castle, it's my favorite Disney Icon.

Askershus is in Norway, and is one dining credit for breakfast and includes five, yes, five, princesses.

It currently comes wit a picture package with Belle, but I believe that is expected to cease in 2015. The good news, if you are on memory maker you get it anyway :) 

So, they have a royal princess and prince processional where the kids get to parade around the restaurant with the royalty.

And, like the other breakfasts, the characters visit you right at your table, sign autographs, and take pictures.

 No comments on this picture, except to say that Disney characters stay in character under all circumstances...

From that point, we changed the kids, and headed over for a trip through the Seas with Nemo, again, and then to use our fast pass at test track before the World Showcase opened. If Disney does anything well (and let's be honest, they do most things well), they make waiting in line seem fun. Getting to create a car to test through the ride was half the fun for our kids. 

I'll admit, I was a little concerned about this day. Traveling through 11 countries with a 5 and 3 year old can only hold attention for so long. I was pleasantly surprised that not one - yes folks, not ONE - time did my kids say they were bored or go ask to ride rides.

Instead, we rode the few rides available in the countries, including Maelstrom and the boat ride in Mexico.

We tried on funky souvenirs.

Ansley was able to pick an oyster and 'pick a pearl' in Japan, which we had made into a necklace for her.

These wonderful people cut out your kids' silhouettes for next to nothing. $20 for two and that included the tip. One of my favorite souvenirs from the trip. 

 Of course, we got great pictures.

But what kept the kids' attention was the Kidcot Stops. At your first country you receive a Duffy bear (Or Agent P) and at each stop your child is able to color their bear and the representative, all from the home country you are visiting, writes something on the back of their bear and stamps their holder. We bought our kids passports as well, and they stamped those for them as well.  The kids LOVED it, and couldn't wait to find the stop in each country. Disney did great at attracting the kids attention in a place not totally geared towards them.

Ans' coloring her Duffy.

Waiting for the coloring to happen in Italy.

Their finished product - all 11 countries. I blew it up so you could see it better. We started the day in Mexico and ended in Canada.

What else did we do in the World Showcase? Well, we ate, of course. We were lucky enough to be there during Food and Wine, but Aaron only took advantage of one of those stops with this bad boy - 

We also had:

School Bread from the bakery in Norway. It was YUMMY!

And REAL caramel corn from Germany. I'm pretty sure I could have loved anything from either place, and this caramel corn was by far the best I've ever had.  (Did I mention all three items were snack credits and free on the dining plan? Just sayin' ;) )

 The kids also got to meet Mulan:

And another few pictures:

 When we finished the world Showcase Ans' fever had spiked again, so we ate dinner and went back to the hotel for a few hours. When she recovered pretty quickly, we decided to go back for an outdoor trip on Test Track and Illuminations.

We did Test Track first thing, then watched Illuminations with a Mickey Ice Cream Bar -- and worked our way back to Soarin' for one last ride during Extra Magic Hours.

Overall it was a great day, with good food, and fun rides!

Tomorrow, visiting the animals at Animal Kingdom!

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