Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Finally Getting to the Bedroom

And it's not what you think.

No.  Really.

We moved in over a year ago now.  In the 14 months or so we've been here, we've rearranged some furniture around, found a decor piece to hang on a wall here or there, and overall, just let it be.

I then realized something:  there were little things that were driving me crazy.  Like crazy, can't take it anymore crazy.   So I decided to compile a list of the crazy and start getting at it, fixing the crazy as cheaply and effectively as possible.  Here was my list:

  • Our kitchen said 'blah'.  We have a larger wish list in the realm of Kitchen dreaming, but I knew the cheap, fast, easy fix to cure the crazy was to put a few items on top of the cabinets, so when you looked into the room you didn't see creamy white walls, a couple of appliances and ugly cabinets.  I spent $4 at the Dollar store for a few glasses, rounded up a bunch of random junk from around the house (aka: a basket, glass milk bottle, a silhoutte of Aaron from when he was a boy, a picture of the kids - ok, that's not junk - and an empty easel that still needs something) and I'm calling that project completed... for now.  

  • Our formal living area had a wall lined with furniture and very empty walls.  Drive me crazy twice! So we got rid of the cedar chest from the room, added two smaller side tables (thanks mil and fil!) and have intentions of getting some large vases with some reeds or something to pull the eye up the wall some... so, we're getting there.  It's the formal for a reason.  

  • The upstairs living is the kids playroom, so obviously it doesn't need 'much', but we had an awesome bean bag (read: HUGE) given to us by the honorary aunt in our lives, and it needed a good, utilizable home.  We moved a large bookshelf that had stored -ahem - junk in that living room, to our bedroom.  (More on that later.)  We inserted aforementioned large bean bag and a small table with a lamp... which resides next to a little window in a little nook = reading nook.  Tada!  (Ok, maybe the proper term would be Leapster Nook... which is what it has been thus far.)  

  • The crazy part?  The only rooms that haven't made me crazy are the kids rooms, because I actually decorated theirs when we moved in.  Granted, B's is better than A's, but we're moving on it.  The sad part... the rooms that made me the most crazy were our bedroom and bathroom.   The bathroom is still majorly on the to - do list... as in, hasn't been touched.  But our bedroom... well, that's what I'm here to tell you about: 

First, we rearranged.  Bed moved from an open wall to in front of the windows.  Usually a big no no, but the room feels so much more even. You walk in and see the room head on.  That's nice.  Second, we have a color of walls that I like (grey) , and we have a bedspread I like (yellow), but I didn't want to get stuck in a yellow and grey rut.  (I have a hard enough time making a decision.  I need the option to change a whole room by changing a couple of accessories, and I don't want to be limited.)  So this was a brainstorming thing for me.  

Then it hit me.  Over a year ago I bought a... well... I'll just say it - I bought an ugly knitted afghan at a thrift store for like $3.00.  I'm not sure what it was that drew my eye to it that day.  I really couldn't stand it much, but something said that, for $3, it may make for good pictures if nothing else.  Since then, it's been about everywhere but on display... until now.  I added that afghan and our zebra striped pillows that were intended for the chairs in our downstairs living (that always end up on the floor) to add some mixed prints to the bed and voila!  I now have the possibility of color in our room!  

So there was color in the middle... and then we moved the previously mentioned bookcase into the room (did I mention our room is insanely large... a blessing and a curse) and added color to that side through the filling of shelves...

Closed the roll top desk (that isn't utilized near as often now that my computer won't technically 'fit' in it any longer).

Replaced a decor item here or there:

And we STILL have a ways to go, namely on the walls.  But I'm fine with that, we are making progress here!  And I enjoy being in our room now!  And, can I tell you a secret?  I've actually been making our bed (which I haven't done since we've lived here because, frankly, I just haven't cared.)  Now, it seems so nice in there, I can't help but make it :)  

I'll update as more comes together!  I have prints ordered for our walls, and we have some holes to fill on the book case.  

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